We have 35 rooms all with their own toilet and bath. All rooms have space for 4 adults, and in 10 of our rooms there are spaces for 5 persons which is suitable for families with children. All rooms are hendicap accessible. 

In addition to the hostel we have a cabin island with 30 cabins. Every cabin has sleeping accommodation for 6 persons, and families with children can sleep up to 7 persons in each cabin. There is a common building  avaliable on the island  with kitchen, toilet and bath. 

Both the rooms and cabins are provided with duvet, pillows, a table, chairs and room for luggage.

All the rooms and cabins have their own entrance, so after you get the key you’ll have access to the rooms and cabins day and night.

We are renting all rooms as 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-beds room, where you pay for the number of persons staying in the room. Children under the age of 2 can stay for "free", they are not included when paying. 

During peak season there is an opportunity to stay in a dorm, where you book a bed in a room or cabin together with others. The cheapest option is to find other travel mates in advance and book a room for more people.