U3z hostel and camping with an island of cabins was built in the years 1986 - 1992 and is today a combined offer for our guests.

The youth hostel has 35 rooms with 4 beds in each. The youth hostel is built in ground floor, and every room has its own entrance. 12 of the 35 rooms has extra large entrance doors, and the toilet and bath in these rooms is built to accommodate a wheelchair. The lobby and the cafeteria are also easily accessible in a wheelchair. See more under Accessibility on the youth hostel.

The youth hostel and the camping site is located in an old industrial area from the former "Nordens" time. Annebergvej, which is one of the roads that leads to the hostel, is very wide and is built as a concrete road, because there was a time where heavy truck traffic was common in "Vestbyen". The little dock west for the youth hostel is also a holdover from that time.